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“Riipen allows me to get my foot in the door by showcasing my skills. Organizations who host projects on Riipen, like GradusOne, are able to see what I am capable of and how I can help solve their problems. It ultimately levels the playing field and takes the guess work out of the initial hiring process.” – Jason Yeh, SFU Student

It used to be if you had a good education you would almost certainly be on your way to kick starting your career. However, over the past few decades it has become increasingly difficult for students to start out on their dream career path, more so for today’s millennials. Graduating with high student debt and pressured from financial obligations it is quite easy to get caught in the cycle of the highest graduate underemployment, widest skills gap and largest employee turnover rates in history.

The Company

GradusOne is a social impact company helping emerging talent make the right choices for their career goals and aspirations. They enable high school students, post-secondary learners, and recent graduates to discover their options, realize opportunities and focus on their career. By providing access to personalized resources, diverse connections and engaging events, they empower members to take the first step towards their future success.

Through our experience and mentoring, we have encountered thousands of individuals struggling to answer the same question — What’s my next step? We understand that everyone will have their own path to discovering their career. Having the right resources and people to guide you is key, and that’s exactly what GradusOne is here for.

Engaging Top Emerging Talent

This Spring, the GradusOne team was growing and were in need of a creative and dedicated social media coordinator to help build their digital presence within student and professional communities. The role included managing social media platforms and the content strategy for promoting events and engaging with a wide range of audiences. Working with the Marketing Manager and the Program Director in their Downtown Vancouver office, this opportunity was an excellent chance to launch a career in digital media, marketing and social impact.

The GradusOne team immediately recognized the value in enabling ambitious emerging talent to prove their passion, skill and potential via a Riipen project. In May GradusOne launched their Riipen project which challenged interested students and recent graduates to do some basic research on their brand, and pitch how they would grow GradusOne’s social media community.

Instead of reviewing dozens of similar applications, which can’t demonstrate the specific skills required to succeed in GradusOne’s role, their team was able to evaluate original, and tangible submissions that reflected real potential. Examples of submissions ranged from platform specific content ideas (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), social media audits, strategies and marketing campaigns.

“Riipen has done an excellent job of shifting traditional recruiting practices. Our biggest need when hiring someone new was to understand their relevant skill sets and Riipen allowed us to do exactly that.” – Manisha Narula, GradusOne Program Director

The Riipen Effect

GradusOne’s opportunity was marketed throughout Riipen’s growing network of school partners, campus career centres, and student organizations. The opportunity gave interested candidates a platform to submit an application directly to the hiring manger that properly showed off their initiative, cultural fit and most importantly potential. As submissions started coming into GradusOne’s talent pool, they were able to quickly identify the most promising and began setting up interviews. Soon into the interview process, GradusOne hired Riipeneer Jason Yeh, a SFU Criminology Major who found his way in the realm of Business.


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Written by Dave Savory @Riipen

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