Getting real-world experience that is actually recognized by industry as a student or recent graduate is difficult. Today, competition for co-ops and recent graduate positions is fierce and you truly do need to ‘stand-out’ from the crowd in order to catch the attention of a hiring manager and your resume simply doesn’t cut it.

This is one of the main reason Riipen was created, to give talented people the opportunity to showcase who they are, prove they actually have the skills they say they do and give hiring managers the confidence that candidates have the abilities to provide value to their teams. If you’re looking for that summer co-op, full-time position or just want to build your portfolio of real-world experience try out one of these 5 software development challenges posted by industry leading companies like Hootsuite and Microsoft.

1) Build & Submit an Interactive Resume to Microsoft

Stand out from the competition and build a non-traditional interactive resume to showcase your skills. As an engineer it’s one thing to say that you know how to use a certain technology, but it’s always more impressive if you show us. Prizes include an Xbox One, Fitness Band 2, and getting short-listed for upcoming co-op and full-time employment roles! Get all the details and sign up at at

2) Microsoft One Note API Challenge

The Microsoft OneNote API enables developers to create innovative, multi-platform apps that use OneNote and help people organize their lives.

Your challenge is to come up with a way to use the OneNote API to address an educational need. You don’t have to build out an app, a simple prototype (could be as simple as a collection of postman requests!) to showcase your idea would suffice. Prizes include an Xbox One, Fitness Band 2, and getting short-listed for upcoming co-op and full-time employment roles! Get all the details and sign up at at

3) Hootsuite’s Design a URL Shortener Challenge

Hootsuite is more than a social media company. We’re more than a tech company. We’re a collective of creators and makers, builders and hackers, teachers and students.

If you’re a student interested in joining our team in a technical software development position complete this short challenge to show off your skills and initiative. Full description of the ‘Design a URL Shortener’ challenge at

4) EDP’s iCal Schedule Feed Challenge

Your objective is to: Grant users the ability to import their Work Schedule onto their standard calendar app with the ability to refresh to maintain the accuracy of their working schedule. You would need to be able to do this with: Outlook, Google Calendar, i-Phone, Android. Full details at


5) How Well Do You Know Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Please show us you are the best at what you do by giving by blowing our minds with an original explanation of SSO protocols, why identity and access management is important, and how, done right, it can be a game changer. We don’t want a wikipedia definition. It will take a lot more than that to be entered in our draw.

If you are looking to build your portfolio of real world experience and show off your talents directly to hiring mangers sign up for Riipen today. Review all open challenges at