Taking Higher Education by Storm

March 2017 marks a major milestone in Riipen’s journey to bridging the skills gap and reducing graduate underemployment. After two years of collecting feedback from our users, clients, friends, family, and some exceptionally skilled contractors, we’ve rebuilt Riipen from the ground up…

It’s been a marathon and thankfully, with the support of our friends over at TWG (The Working Group), the financial backing of our amazing investors, and the sweat equity from the Riipen team here on the ground, Riipen 3.0 has emerged from the depths of design and development. For those who’ve used the old system, you’ll love the new UX/UI. Not to mention, we’ve added a ton of new functionality for each of our industry, student and educational users with new feature updates daily. Whether it’s our new searchable industry project library or the improved user dashboards, we’re confident you’ll like what you see! Play around and let us know what you think (click the orange “?” icon on the website to leave feedback).

We’ll Take a Table for 20 Please

The new platform redesign isn’t the only thing changing around the Riipen offices lately. It’s hard to believe that less than 10-months ago we were only four full-time staff and now it’s almost every other day we have a new head popping up (or so it seems)!

With Riipen picking up traction among big-name higher ed institutions and industry partners over the past few semesters, the demand has grown exponentially and with such, we’ve needed to expand our team to compensate for the lovely growing pains! Today, we’re 20 strong with roles split up between management, industry and academic sales, web development, marketing, and finance.

It’s been amazing to see how with each new addition our scrappy startup culture gets augmented to a whole new level! We’re lucky to have the team we do — filled with skilled individuals who drink the Riipen kool-aid and are adamant about improving the way students and organizations get connected. If you want to be a part of a fast-growing startup dedicated to revolutionizing education and recruitment, we want to hear from you! Help us get to know you by completing our Riipen Careers project today.

Not Your Average Career Fair

The Riipen Experience Fair is a new take on the traditional ‘career fair’, where most students are trained to hand out similar resumes and ask generic questions to sponsoring companies, over and over again. For organizations, this more often than not ends up being a cumbersome and expensive proposition that rarely yields trackable and worthwhile ROI.

This past month the Vancouver and Toronto teams worked alongside student clubs to run the Ryerson Experience Fair and the University of British Columbia Tech Showcase.  Students and sponsoring organizations gathered at state-of-the-art event facilities on campus to explore employment opportunities.

Prior to the event, each organization creates small, skilled-based challenges through Riipen that are designed to test the relevant skills, creativity, and cultural fit of prospective students for the roles they’re hiring for. At the events, students engage with the organizations — learning about their industry, career opportunities, and the sponsoring companies’ Riipen recruitment challenges. During and after the event, students interested in obtaining an interview work on completing the challenge to get on the company’s radar.

This year, we had industry participation from some great organizations including Deloitte, CrowdBabble, Telus, Zafin, Accenture, and Traction On Demand to name a few. Check out the video from last year’s UBC Tech showcase below…

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