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As much as we love having all our wonderful in class projects on Riipen, sometime the project just does not fit the need of the educator for what they are trying to accomplish with their class. Until recently, there was no way for an educator to indicate to an industry partner that the project they submitted just isn’t quite right for them. But today we are proud to announce our new “Educator Project Management” workflow.

As an educator, you are now able to “Decline” a project and give a reason as to why it was declined. This feedback is passed back to the industry partner for their knowledge. You may wish to decline the project if you have reached your quota for your class, or perhaps you want the industry partner to tweak their project and resubmit it to you. The choice is yours. Simple visit the “Manage” tab of your assignment and you will be off and running!

As an industry partner, if you project is declined, your Riipen help staff will work hard to try and find another educator who can make use of your project in their class room. This way, your projects don’t go to waste and you will still be given the opportunity to connect with students through other classrooms.