Believe it or not, a whopping 70% of employers are finding it difficult to find good talent.  Between cultural fit and hiring for actual ability to do the job, it’s a lot to take on.  It gives you a mild headache at best.

Sifting through candidates to fill a junior level position can often feel like spending hours on Tinder.  Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left.  Oh this one seems to have people skills.  They can design (I think).  Swipe right.  Yes, you’re excited.  You set up your first interview.  They seem personable.  Set up the second interview.  Their design portfolio actually only has stick figures in it.  Back to swiping.  Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left.  

Tinder might work for dating (does it really though?) but Tinder-esque methods of sifting through resumes is not ideal for your networks.  Just because someone’s LinkedIn profile says they’re leaping bounds over tall buildings, doesn’t mean they can.  You – the community manager, the networker, the peacekeeper, you’re a connector.  You introduce the right people to the people they need to know.  

According to SHRM, a big part of the difficulty of finding good employees is  that candidates lack the right work experience and skills, which comes as no surprise to organizational hiring managers.  The way we organize our time, our workspaces, and the technological shifts are just the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, assuming we aren’t taken over by global warming first (fingers crossed).  

How can you provide support to your networks?  Riipen offers a new way to source and recruit talent that aligns with the future of recruiting practices.

So here’s the new recruitment idea.  Stick with this for just a minute.  It might inspire a new train of thought, or at least give you a break from thinking about what to make for dinner.  Mmm, dinner.

Back on track.  

There’s a whole pool of candidates waiting to be hired by your network, but you don’t know how to find them.  Here’s where Riipen comes in.


Riipen gives you access to up and coming talent (aka college students), who then prove exactly what they can do and voila, here’s a whole pool of talent that you can build up and fit into your organizational structures as needed, and all the while receiving insight from students who commit hours upon hours to learning about your brand and organization.


So if you’ve got networks, do them a favour and connect with us at Riipen.  Because what new ways are you working towards to provide your community with the access to resources they need to keep moving forward?

Want to figure out how you can make Riipen work for your network?  Contact