Karen Bakker, strategic director of Riipen and professor at the University of British Columbia, spoke on behalf of Riipen at the Elevate Toronto event on September 13, 2017.  As Elevate Work focused on changing recruitment methods, we’d like to bring you some practical tips on how to step up your own hiring practices.

1) Plan ahead

Firstly, finding talent is not an easy process. At the Elevate pitch today in Toronto, JobBliss talked about the idea that in order to get skills ready people into the positions you need, that you need to start thinking ahead and that means thinking about your roadmap and strategically looking and building relationships well ahead of when you need to find talent.

2) Use new unconventional methods

The second part to this is that while organizations are putting an exhausting amount of time and effort into job fairs and posting jobs on job boards, the ROI is minimal. At Riipen we’re focused on the talent pipeline starting in university but there are other sites that enable talent to be found, like – LocalSolo in Toronto that helps you find freelancers as well.  Start thinking about the possibility that methods you’ve traditionally used to find talent aren’t fit for the current model of work and talent acquisition.

3)  Make friends with people you don’t naturally gravitate towards

The people that you choose to hang out with most likely have similar views to you, move in similar circles and are connected the same way you are. Make an active effort to go to one meetup  that is a bit out of your comfort zone.  Connecting with people who are have different interests will open up a new network you didn’t previously have access to.

Now go forth and hire the best talent!