Meet Marek Filipiak

What is your favorite flavor of chips?

Kettle Chips – Honey Dijon. Get on it.


What is your role at Riipen?

Marketing Manager


What does your role focus on?

My role at Riipen encompasses several different areas under the marketing umbrella – everything from campaign planning, partnership support, content creation, social media, email marketing and web and graphic design to name a few.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

One of three things haha. My bladder. My roommate blasting motivational soundtracks. The delicious smell coming from our upstairs tenant’s breakfast!


What’s a book you love, a quote, or something you think everyone should listen to or know?

 I recently read Chris Hadfield’s autobiography An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth. Great read, I highly recommend. I’m currently working on The Deviants Advantage: How Fringe Ideas Create Mass Markets by Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker, and The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha.

One of my favorite quotes is a line from Jim Carry’s Commencement Address in 2014 at the Maharishi University of Management…

“the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is, because everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart, and all that is left of you is what was in your heart”


In your words, what’s the best part of working at Riipen?

Feeling like you’re apart of something bigger that is positively impacting society. Getting to wear multiple hats and work on a variety of projects with different types of people.


What’s your best piece of advice to a student?

Practice patience and cut yourself some slack. You’re doing a lot! Learn to love the process and when you hit roadblocks as you progress ask yourself “what’s the good in this?” and “what can I be grateful for at this moment?”.