About Us

Our Purpose

Experiential learning is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Our mission is to empower emerging talent to build relevant skills and find jobs that they love.

Born as a student project in 2013 at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, Riipen was built on the idea that we can better society while simultaneously helping bridge the graduate skills gap by bringing our brightest minds together to learn, create, and innovate.


Dave Savory

Dave has over 10 years of business development and leadership experience. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce specialized in Entrepreneurship from the University of Victoria. Throughout his education, Dave owned and operated a student painting business gaining skills in sales, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and hard work.

Dana Stephenson

Passionate about lifelong learning, Dana started his entrepreneurial journey when he made it his mission to eliminate graduate underemployment through experiential learning. Born and raised in Vancouver, outside of Riipen, you’ll find him on the beach in the summer or on the slopes in the winter.

Our Values

    1. At Riipen, every employee is empowered to try new things in their role, to assume responsibility, and to make constructive change.
    2. Riipen aims to be inclusive in our hiring and our workplace, as well as providing a product that is accessible to learners of all backgrounds.
    3. Riipen is for profit and for purpose. Business decisions are made with consideration to the impact on our larger purpose.
    4. Riipen is striving to create an inclusive community of experiential learning practitioners and learners, and a supportive community of colleagues
    5. Riipen is focused on the quality of the learning experience for our end users (students), and supports the continuous learning of our employees.

COVID-19 Response – Helping Post-Secondary Institutions and Businesses Maintain Meaningful Engagement

In response to these exceptional circumstances, Riipen remains committed to helping employers engage with students in safe and valuable work-integrated learning opportunities. As an alternative to traditional internship or co-op placements, Riipen is offering the opportunity for students to engage in paid project-based virtual internships provided by our employer  partner network. 

The Next Phase of Online Work-Integrated Learning

In response to recent world events and the uncertain economic times, Riipen is committed to helping businesses engage with students in safe and valuable work-integrated learning opportunities. Riipen’s platform and services provide a cost-effective way for your...

Open Letter to the Community

Dear Friends and Colleagues: In response to recent world events, we would like to be part of the solution as you prepare for online learning contingencies. Riipen’s software platform enables work-integrated learning, co-op, and internships to occur entirely online. We...

McMaster CCE: Heather Pollex Showcase

The world of work is changing and it requires students to graduate with specialized skills and experiences that allow them to hit the ground running from day one. However, when students are only evaluated on their ability to study and pass exams, students and their...

Evolution of Riipen: McMaster University

McMaster University has a long history of innovation. Over 30 years ago, its medical school pioneered the use of problem-based learning, which is now used in medical training worldwide. McMaster also applied problem-based learning to undergraduate education; the...

Concordia University Enhances Experiential Learning with Riipen

Concordia University, based in Montreal, has launched a new series of initiatives in partnership with Riipen. With 47,000 students, of which 20% are international students, Concordia has made it a priority to expand experiential learning opportunities. “We’re excited...

Digital Badges for Career-Ready Skills

Special thanks to Don Presant at CanCred who provided guidance on badge design and implementation, and made the CanCred platform available to Riipen for this pilot. In Fall 2019, Riipen partnered with two continuing education institutions on a pilot initiative to...

Mock Disaster Strikes Fanshawe College

Once a year for the past decade, Fanshawe College in London, Ontario has been host to a fake disaster that takes over the entire campus. These disasters can vary in scope including but not limited to a fire, a natural disaster, a bus crash, or even a plane accident....

Hackathons Helping Skilled Immigrants Find Employment

Farizan H. Razie is a recent BBA graduate from Simon Fraser University and the founder of PowerHack, a hackathon event that connects employers with skilled immigrant talent as they showcase the value of their global skills and experience by solving problems presented...

Creating Big Change Through Micro-Experiences

Cooperative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada), formerly the Canadian Association for Cooperative Education (CAFCE), defines work-integrated learning as “a model and process of experiential education which formally and intentionally...