Engage with top post-secondary students across British Columbia

The BC Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce its partnership with Riipen, North America’s leading marketplace platform for students and companies to connect and collaborate on short-term industry projects.


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Why Participate?

Crowdsource Insights

Collaborate with motivated students and talented young professionals to gain valuable insights that could push your business forward.


Employer Branding

Increase your brand awareness by collaborating with students and teaching them about your company. Do it right and create advocates for life.

Recruit Smarter

Engage talent and evaluate their hard and soft skills through project-based collaboration. Impressed with their work? You’ve found your next hire.

Social Responsibility

Collaborating with post-secondary students is a great way to support your community and develop the talent our economy needs to grow and succeed.

How it Works


Project Design

Guided project creation

1-on-1 design consultation

Virtual walkthroughs and 24/7 help center support

Project templates to get you started


Industry and educator matching algorithm

Marketplace to post and view projects

Collaboration tools to guide your experience



In-app chat and file sharing

Milestone tracking

Team creation and management

Track progress with reminders and notifications


Provide feedback and assessment

Verify and validate student skills and knowledge

Identify talent and build a recruitment pipeline

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Pricing & Benefits

Not Quite Ready?

Every BC Chamber of Commerce member that takes advantage of this offer is also eligible to take advantage of the Innovate BC Innovator Skills Initiative and the BC Tech Co-op Grant.

Innovator Skills Initiative

Looking to hire a student who isn’t in a co-op program? The Innovator Skills Initiative (ISI) offers up to $10,000 a year to hire a business or tech student. The program connects undergrad and graduate students with an opportunity to bring their skills to a technology company looking for help.

BC Tech Co-op Grant

Need talent? Get up to $10,800 in funding to hire a co-op students through the BC Tech Co-op Grant. Whether you’re a technology-based company looking to grow or a non-tech business looking to grow your innovation footprint, this program could be right for you.


Happy Users

"We like getting our tech challenges in front of lots of people so using the Riipen platform was a great way to filter through the most stellar individuals. Their tool definitely helped prime our pipeline to get more of the right candidates through the doors."

Craig Cook

Director of Software Engineering - Microsoft

"Through our most recent data analytics project we have been able to prove statistical models that can forecast or predict a player’s performance in the NHL based on their previous performance in the KHL, SHL and Liiga. This is extremely valuable to our NHL Draft eligible Clients overseas, as well as those currently playing in those leagues trying to make the jump to the NHL."

Cliff Mander

Player Agent/CEO - CKM Sports Management

"My experience with Riipen has been extremely pleasant. They found great industry partners for my students and they were very responsive every step of the way. As an instructor, I feel reassured that my class will be enhanced by these real-world experiences."

Sophie Winters

Agribusiness Instructor - State University of New York at Cobleskill

"As a student, there is nothing more frustrating than sending off hundreds of generic resumes that don't show off what you can really do. Riipen lets students walk the walk and really show companies just how valuable they are."

Dustin Tysick

Graduate - University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business

"Riipen projects are a great way for students to showcase their abilities, skills and creative ideas through innovative projects hosted by the employer. This is definitely the way of the future!"

Amy Hamdorff

Senior Recruitment Manager - JOEY Restaurant Group

“Working with Dana and the team at Riipen has been a great opportunity to bring experiential learning experiences into the classroom. By connecting students with companies, it has enhanced the Brand Audit Group Project in the marketing course that I teach to 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students. The students now have direct access to a company contact, they have the opportunity to interact with industry experts and they gain valuable feedback on their work from the employer."

Janice Rudkowski

Retail Management Instructor - Ryerson University

"So I had a conference call with the team over at MyPackage this morning... They are taking me on board to do social media work! Couldn't be more stoked to have the opportunity to be working with such a cool brand. I love Riipen."

Kieran Rheaume

Graduate - University of Victoria: Gustavson School of Business

"Riipen is a win-win proposition for both stakeholders. The students received top-tier mentoring, and we acquired competent, talented, and hungry students with fresh insights that could help grow our business."

Max Cunningham

Partner - Studio Records

"Critical to the mission of our business department is using experiential learning to prepare our graduates for the challenges of the careers of the day as well as those of the future. Thanks to Riipen, my students are now engaged in a live, data-driven problem-solving project with a local manufacturer that leads their current industry."

Lisa Walters

Operations Management Instructor - State University of New York at Fredonia

"I believe Riipen has begun to revolutionize how higher education can be enhanced through industry involvement. Thank you so much for your dedication and giving students the opportunity to improve their educational experience."

Chris Ku

Graduate - British Columbia Institute of Technology: School of Business

"I wanted to let you know that GradusOne got back to me for an interview! I'm on my way to a second round of interviews with the HR manager next week! This is all thanks to Riipen and their awesome team! Thanks for providing students like me with these kinds of opportunities to grow professionally."

Jason Yeh

Graduate - Simon Fraser University: Beedie School of Business

Federal Budget 2019 — funding for innovations to support life-long learning for Canadians of all ages

The 2019 federal budget announcement delivered big wins for education, with funding available for innovations in both K12 and post-secondary education. The federal budget also provided funding for innovations to support life-long learning for Canadians of all ages. To...

Career Ready Fund & Riipen Delivering Thousands of WIL Experiences for Ontario Students

Earlier this year, the Career Ready Fund (funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities) Riipen launched an initiative to create thousands of work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities for post-secondary students.

McMaster DeGroote MBA Students Collaborate with Freedom 55 Financial & CBI Health Group via Riipen Experiential Learning

Earlier in November, we had the pleasure of connecting with Goran Calic, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Information Systems at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business, to debrief on his first project experience with Riipen.

Piloting Riipen at Waterloo: Umair’s Story on Experiential Learning

We recently sat down with Umair Shah, a lecturer at The University of Waterloo’s Department of Management Sciences, a department within the Faculty of Engineering, to find out why and how he brought Riipen into his classroom. Umair’s journey with Riipen began in the fall of 2017, when he partnered with Jane Chomyc at the Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) to pilot Riipen in his large online organizational behaviour class. After several iterations and adjustments, Umair is preparing to launch his fourth assignment on Riipen…

New partnership between George Brown and Riipen offers workplace scenario training for students

“I’m really excited that we’re able to offer this new high-quality learning opportunity to our faculty and students,” said Dario Guescini, Director of Work-Integrated Learning. “Riipen will give students hands-on experience and career-ready skills as they transition into the workforce — which is exactly what employers are looking for.”

SFU LinkedIn Learning Case Study

In SFU’s Faculty of Communications and Technology, Professor Fred Lesage leads his students through design thinking processes to identify and solve complex communications issues. In design thinking, the identification of issues and the process to develop recommendations are as critical as the results themselves.

Guest Blog Post: Riipen Internal Australian Expansion Project with Senior SFU Students

July 12, 2018 -- Hannah Deplaedt, SFU Beedie Business Graduate -- During the summer of 2017, my fourth year at Simon Fraser University, I was enrolled in Cross-Cultural Management, a course that helps students understand the differences involved when engaging in...

Riipen and the Canadian Marketing Association Team Up to Deliver Experiential Learning Opportunities to Post-Secondary Students

TORONTO, June 21, 2018 /CNW/ – It’s an age-old question for both undergraduate and continuing education students who are interested in upgrading their skills and/or going back to school, either because they are underemployed, want to advance in their careers or are looking to switch industries. To help tackle this conundrum, the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) has partnered with Riipen to provide opportunities to post-secondary students through live, industry project-based learning.

BC Public Service Pilot with BCIC & Riipen: Bridging the Gap

Last fall, thanks to funding from the BC Innovation Council (Innovate BC), the BC Public Service began an experiential learning pilot with Riipen, a Vancouver-based tech startup whose mission is to eliminate graduate underemployment. The company offers a web-based platform that connects students, recent graduates and educators to employers through project-based experiences both in and out of the classroom.

SUCCESS STORY: Deloitte Digital Design Thinking – Riipen Experience at a Glance

Have you ever had difficulty finding and engaging tech-savvy talent for your organization? Riipen Challenges can help: here’s how. In early 2018, Deloitte Digital launched three crowd-sourced community challenges on Riipen, North America’s leading platform for...
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