Product Features

Learn how Riipen can make your life easier through our tools!

The Best Tools Designed For You

Riipen has a large feature set for students, educators, and employers alike.

Content Management

Have and idea in mind? With Riipen you can craft the perfect project or in-class assignment for students to work on with our interactive step-by-step online application wizards.

Data Analytics

Collect analytics on your projects, assignments, and student skills. Uncover where learning is happening, who is demonstrating what skills, and where you can improve.


Chat with anyone you are interacting with on Riipen via our in-app chat system. Starting a project as a student with a company? Reach out to them and tell them about yourself!

User Management

Manage who has access to your school’s portal or your organization’s profile, and what they are allowed to do with our permission hierarchy systems.

Project Management

Manage your in-class assignment or project. Select who is allowed to participate, monitor their progress using milestones, and provide feedback.

Verified Skills

All skills demonstrated on Riipen are verified by industry professionals, so you know when Sally’s profile says she is a sales expert that she really is.

Riipen Projects

As an employer looking to fill your talent pipeline, a student looking to show off or improve your skills, or an educator looking to enhance your in-class assignments, Riipen projects allow everyone to get involved. Host and complete projects ranging from 1 to 100 hours of effort with hundreds of incentives including job opportunities, cash, networking, mentorship, and much more.

Projects are the heart of what Riipen is. Why tell someone what you can do when you can show them.


Engage in Riipen’s open marketplace where educators can seek industry partners for their in-class assignments, employers can seek educators with their project opportunities, and students can seek employers by proving their skills through project-based work.

Aside from the open marketplace, Riipen users can also engage each other in a targetted manor through our school portals, user profiles, and organization profiles. Know what you want to do? Go straight to the source!

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