Riipen Projects & Marketplace

Riipen’s project and course libraries, paired with our open marketplace and templates, allow Riipen industry partners and educators to easily customize, manage, and share their industry-relevant assignments and projects with one another.

Students can access the marketplace and connect with companies through in-class projects facilitated by an instructor, or of their own volition through job postings, skill challenges, hack-a-tons and case competitions.

Host, manage and complete projects ranging from 1 to 100 hours of effort, with hundreds of student incentives including job opportunities, cash, networking, mentorship, and much more.

Help Center, Chat Project Management & Reporting

Learn from our experience. Our knowledge base is filled with articles and video resources to help you make the most out of your experiential learning initiatives.

Riipen users can also connect with each other through our in-app chat, and dedicated school, company and user profiles.

A major key to experiential learning success is experience management. With Riipen, you can ensure your initiatives are on track with pre-determined project milestones and checkpoint notifications.

Micro to macro. Skill tracking and experience reporting for the various levels of your academic institutions and business organization.

Tools Designed for Ease of Use

Content Management

Have an idea in mind? With Riipen you can easily craft the perfect project or  assignment with our quick and easy interactive online application. Get started now with one of our templates.

Data Analytics

Collect analytics on your projects, assignments and student skills. Uncover where learning is happening, who is demonstrating which skills and where you can improve.


Chat with anyone you are collaborating with through Riipen via our in-app chat system. Starting a project as a student working with a company? Reach out and introduce yourself!

User Management

Manage who has access to your school’s portal or your organization’s profile, and what they are allowed to see and do with our permission hierarchy systems.

Project Management

Manage your in-class assignment or project with ease. Select who is allowed to participate, monitor progress using milestones and notifications, and collect verified project feedback.

Verified Skills

All skills on Riipen are verified by industry professionals and educators. That way you know when Sally’s profile says she’s a marketing guru, she really is.

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