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Annual subscriptions for businesses and academic institutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of user am I?

Students are, well, students, recent grads, or young professionals looking to connect with employers.

Employers are those who work at a company or organization and are looking to represent their company on Riipen.

Educators are those who work at an academic institution either as an instructor, professor, researcher, administrator or in a similar position.

What's the price of the Enterprise subscription?

The Enterprise subscription is catered to the specific needs of the organization and therefore pricing varies from client to client. This is the go-to solution if you’re looking to fully implement our technology at the various levels of your business. Please contact us for further questions regarding this plan.

What's the price of getting my school on Riipen?

Individual educators can try Riipen for free with limited access.

School portals are priced based on the unique needs of the particular institution looking to adopt Riipen. Please contact us for further details on the pricing for your particular school.

Will I ever have to pay as a student?

Never! Riipen is and always will be free for students.

How can I interact with a specific school portal?

Students can always interact with schools for free.

Administrators of school portals can invite specific organizations to participate in their portal free of charge, or organizations can purchase a paid subscription to gain access to opportunities happening in all of Riipen’s school portals.

How can I pay Riipen?

Riipen allows you to securely store your credit card payment credentials and set up auto-renewal for future payments. If you don’t have a credit card, we also accept cheque payments, however, this will slow down your access to the platform.

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