Student Innovation Championship 2018

Innovate in Artificial Intelligence for your chance to win $20,000!


Hello and welcome to the 2018 Thales Innovation Championship! This competition is intended to give 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate and graduate-level University and College students exposure to the real-world challenges that businesses face every day.

This event is designed to facilitate student collaboration in the development of innovative AI solutions, while fostering healthy competition, professional development, and interaction between participants and the industry professionals they will one day be working with.

Why Participate


Finalist teams will earn substantial cash prizes.

First place: $20,000

Second place: $10,000

Third place: $5,000

Visit CortAIx

Finalist teams will be invited to visit CortAIx (Centre of Research and Technology in Artificial Intelligence eXpertise) .


Gain valuable industry-verified work experience and mentorship opportunities that you can add to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or Riipen portfolio for future use.


Showcase what you’ve got and network with industry leaders in the AI space. Who knows, you might just make a lasting impression and open doors to future employment opportunities.

Ready To Get Started?

Key Dates

Team Registration Deadline

Deadline to submit team: September 23, 2018

Teams must consist of three students plus a faculty-level coach.

Teams who register after the deadline will be considered, but will not receive extra time to complete the deliverable.

Case Study Release

The competition case will be released on September 24, 2018, at which point all participating teams will have exactly four calendar weeks to prepare and submit their proposals for the preliminary round.

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round will conclude on October 18, 2018 at 11:59 PM at which point the proposal evaluation process will begin  and finalist teams selected between October 19 to 24.

Final Event

The 9 finalist teams will be invited to participate in the final event at CortAIx on November 2 and 3. All proposals will be reviewed by a panel of subject-matter experts, using agreed upon judging criteria.

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Participation Hours

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