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"Riipen connected us with a front end web developer for an important project. The process couldn't have been easier. We'll be back."


"The Riipen site connected me with just the right student I needed to get a project off the ground in a hurry. Riipen is a win win site for students and employees."

Riipen projects are...


Can be completed within a semester or a defined period of time.



Can be completed in between classes or outside of other employment.



Can be completed using the skills learned in class and/or to develop the skills needed for future roles in your desired industry



All submitted projects will be endorsed on Riipen and top submissions will be shortlisted for future opportunities.

the perfect career tool for current + former students ...
Student gain experience

Create Your Profile

Highlight your skills, experience, academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and most importantly your unique interests and passion.

Student find opportunities

Find Riipen Projects

Search Riipen for short-term projects that match your skills and interests, while connecting with organizations seeking talented individuals

Student make connections

Submit Projects

Enhance your education by working with organizations to help solve real-world problems. Submitted projects can often be used for class assignments or as pre-qualification for a job.

Student launch career

Launch Your Career

Enhance your virtual resume for the work you do while creating an impressive network. Companies use Riipen endorsements as a way to find the perfect candidate.

... and the perfect talent scout for companies
Business profile

Create Your Business Profile

Showcase your culture, team, services and what makes you unique by creating a dynamic profile describing who you are and what you do.

Business search talent

Post a Riipen Project

Define the scope of the work you need done by specifying deliverables, timelines, and the recommended qualifications for candidates.

Business search talent

Review Submissions

Gain fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse solutions from the next generation of consumers and future employees

Business build network

Recruit top talent

Save time and money by finding top talent from your online portfolio of test driven students to enhance your traditional hiring process.

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