The Riipen Experience

A Month in Review: April 2017

Another month down, or in startup life, what feels like three! Kicking off this month’s review, this past week co-founder and director of academic partnerships, Dana Stephenson, was away in Boston representing Riipen as one of Canada’s top 27 innovative companies invited to participate in 48hrs in the Hub.

5 Steps to Securing a Work Placement or Job YOU ACTUALLY WANT

The last week of April — we can already hear the sighs of relief. Student exam week is almost done. Freedom! Well not quite. After all there’s summer employment! For most this means co-ops, internships, contract work or entry-level employment for you newly grads. If you’re on the job hunt as a young professional you’ll want to consider these 5 Riipen pro-tips for landing an awesome work placement or entry-level job!

A Month In Review: March 2017

Taking Higher Education by Storm March 2017 marks a major milestone in Riipen's journey to bridging the skills gap and reducing graduate underemployment. After two years of collecting feedback from our users, clients, friends, family, and some exceptionally skilled...

The Four C’s of Education

The future of education is poised to look completely different than it currently does. Less than a decade from now, children who are entering kindergarten are going to explore careers that are not in existence - yet. With all this change, how will our existing...

The 4 C’s of Effective Workplaces

You’ll hear it again and again, but only because this particular C word is of monumental importance. Of course, it’s none other than communication. In creating an effective workplace, consider these four C's - clarity, communication, consistency and context in your...