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{rye.pen} / verb / to grow, blossom, become ripe

We create small experiences that have a big social impact.

Riipen is North America’s leading collaboration platform for project-based experiential learning between students, industry partners, and educators.

Let’s work together to help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce.

Experiential Learning The Riipen Way

Our platform and online marketplace enable communities of all backgrounds to connect through real-world learning projects. Fully customizable based on user type, each project experience is designed to create unique benefits for all participating members.

Employers & Organizations

Connect with colleges and universities, engage with students, build your talent pipeline, promote your brand, improve CSR efforts, and gain valuable insights into your business.

Students & Recent Graduates

Complete Riipen projects to network with employers, win cash and prizes, gain real-world work experience, build employable skills, and earn employment opportunities.

Educators & Institutions

Expand your classroom experience by connecting with industry partners, managing your classroom goals, and planning trackable learning opportunities for your students.

Let's Learn Together

Riipen lets you manage multiple experiences, track your own learning and progress, and monitor experience outcomes with ease.

Social Impact

Our mission is at the core of everything we do — empowering emerging talent to gain relevant skills and find the jobs they love.

Employers & Organizations

Over 3,500 organizations have used Riipen to connect with students. We welcome all shapes and sizes; startups, non-profits, small businesses, associations, Fortune 500s, you name it.

Students & Recent Graduates

Over 12,000 students and recent graduates actively use Riipen. If you’re a professional looking to get on the radar, check out our public employer skill challenges and job postings for your chance to land an interview.

Educators & Institutions

More than 200 higher education institutions across North America actively use Riipen to improve learning outcomes and scale experiential learning initiatives.

Happy Users


"We like getting our tech challenges in front of lots of people so using the Riipen platform was a great way to filter through the most stellar individuals. Their tool definitely helped prime our pipeline to get more of the right candidates through the doors."

Craig Cook

Director of Software Engineering - Microsoft

"Through our most recent data analytics project we have been able to prove statistical models that can forecast or predict a player’s performance in the NHL based on their previous performance in the KHL, SHL and Liiga. This is extremely valuable to our NHL Draft eligible Clients overseas, as well as those currently playing in those leagues trying to make the jump to the NHL."

Cliff Mander

Player Agent/CEO - CKM Sports Management

"My experience with Riipen has been extremely pleasant. They found great industry partners for my students and they were very responsive every step of the way. As an instructor, I feel reassured that my class will be enhanced by these real-world experiences."

Sophie Winters

Agribusiness Instructor - State University of New York at Cobleskill

"As a student, there is nothing more frustrating than sending off hundreds of generic resumes that don't show off what you can really do. Riipen lets students walk the walk and really show companies just how valuable they are."

Dustin Tysick

Graduate - University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business

"Riipen projects are a great way for students to showcase their abilities, skills and creative ideas through innovative projects hosted by the employer. This is definitely the way of the future!"

Amy Hamdorff

Senior Recruitment Manager - JOEY Restaurant Group

“Working with Dana and the team at Riipen has been a great opportunity to bring experiential learning experiences into the classroom. By connecting students with companies, it has enhanced the Brand Audit Group Project in the marketing course that I teach to 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students. The students now have direct access to a company contact, they have the opportunity to interact with industry experts and they gain valuable feedback on their work from the employer."

Janice Rudkowski

Retail Management Instructor - Ryerson University

"So I had a conference call with the team over at MyPackage this morning... They are taking me on board to do social media work! Couldn't be more stoked to have the opportunity to be working with such a cool brand. I love Riipen."

Kieran Rheaume

Graduate - University of Victoria: Gustavson School of Business

"Riipen is a win-win proposition for both stakeholders. The students received top-tier mentoring, and we acquired competent, talented, and hungry students with fresh insights that could help grow our business."

Max Cunningham

Partner - Studio Records

"Critical to the mission of our business department is using experiential learning to prepare our graduates for the challenges of the careers of the day as well as those of the future. Thanks to Riipen, my students are now engaged in a live, data-driven problem-solving project with a local manufacturer that leads their current industry."

Lisa Walters

Operations Management Instructor - State University of New York at Fredonia

"I believe Riipen has begun to revolutionize how higher education can be enhanced through industry involvement. Thank you so much for your dedication and giving students the opportunity to improve their educational experience."

Chris Ku

Graduate - British Columbia Institute of Technology: School of Business

"I wanted to let you know that GradusOne got back to me for an interview! I'm on my way to a second round of interviews with the HR manager next week! This is all thanks to Riipen and their awesome team! Thanks for providing students like me with these kinds of opportunities to grow professionally."

Jason Yeh

Graduate - Simon Fraser University: Beedie School of Business

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