Data Subprocessors

Riipen is a data processor and engages certain onward subprocessors that may process personal data submitted to Riipen’s services by the controller. These subprocessors are listed below, with a description of the service and the location where data is hosted. This list may be updated by Riipen from time to time:

Subprocessor Description Data Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Hosting and Storage Canada
Delighted, LLC User feedback USA
Elevio Pty. Ltd. Knowledge base and customer support USA
Hubspot, Inc Customer relationship management USA
Inline Manual, Ltd. Customer onboarding USA
Intercom Inc. Customer support USA
Rollbar, Inc. Error detection USA
Wildbit, LLC Email delivery USA
Stripe, Inc. Payment provider for Riipen customer data only USA
Techdrop Labs, Inc. Email templates USA