Virtual internships made easy

Riipen connects students and companies to work on industry-relevant projects.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak Riipen is committed to providing students and companies with a safe and efficient method for connecting.

Virtual Internships – A proven solution

In light of COVID-19, businesses and non-profits are no longer able to guarantee internships and placements for students. Post-secondary institutions are seeing a short fall in opportunities with the close of physical office spaces. This creates a shortage of support for businesses at a critical time and a shortage of opportunities for students across the nation. Riipen can help! 

How does it work?

As an alternative to traditional internships or co-op, Riipen is offering an opportunity for our network to engage through virtual internships.

  • Internships can be done by one student or teams of students
  • They can be field placements, co-ops, applied research, or projects which are offered as co-curricular experiences or for academic credit

1. Sign up to Riipen

2. Riipen’s team onboards your staff

3. Use Riipen to connect

4. Students do 100% of their work online in a safe and engaging environment.

Experiential learning made accessible

"Riipen projects are a great way for students to showcase their abilities, skills and creative ideas through innovative projects hosted by the employer. This is definitely the way of the future!"

Amy Hamdorff

Senior Recruitment Manager – JOEY Restaurant Group

"Critical to the mission of our business department is using experiential learning to prepare our graduates for the challenges of the careers of the day as well as those of the future. Thanks to Riipen, my students are now engaged in a live, data-driven problem-solving project with a local manufacturer that leads their current industry."

Lisa Walters

Operations Management Instructor – State University of New York at Fredonia

"Riipen is a win-win proposition for both stakeholders. The students received top-tier mentoring, and we acquired competent, talented, and hungry students with fresh insights that could help grow our business."

Max Cunningham

Partner – Studio Records

"I believe Riipen has begun to revolutionize how higher education can be enhanced through industry involvement. Thank you so much for your dedication and giving students the opportunity to improve their educational experience."

Chris Ku

Graduate – British Columbia Institute of Technology: School of Business

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